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Financial Freedom – The Millionaire Mindset Of Millionaires »

Financial freedom is a topic that is of interest to every one. Almost all of us are in search of a foolproof plan for financial freedom. One can get many suggestions on this regard from others. One person may advise you to look for job change. You may get a suggestion from another about beginning [...]

EPF scheme allow more withdrawal for investment »

All EPF (Employees Provident Fund) contributors will, from Feb 1, be able to withdraw part of their funds and channel them to approved investment programmes.  Under the new scheme, contributors, irrespective of age, will be able to withdraw from Account One what is in excess of a “required amount” of savings as determined by the [...]

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind »

Last night I just finish reading the millionaire book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker. The book is very interesting book on how rich people (read millionaire) think and act compare to poor and middle-class people. T. Harv Eker being a millionaire himself knows the right thought you should have in order [...]

Journey to Millionaire Success »

Today I have finalized my blog theme. The theme of my blog is going to be Journey to Millionaire Success – Be a Millionaire, Have a Millionaire Mindset and Live Life to the Fullest. This blog is going to be my roadmap of my journey to be millionaire success.  You can get some idea for [...]

Mike Filsaime Speaking at UYMG Malaysia »

Today I just want to shared what I have learned from Mike Filsaime and I list down the summary for my use later. The first time I saw him speaking was in World Internet Submit May 07 in Singapore.  His speech gave me a good impression on him. Mike Filsaime is an author, software developer, renowned [...]