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6 Ways to Manage Your Savings and Money Management »

In my journey to millionaire success one of the key to achieve millionaire is to save money. However, it’s often easier said than done. This is where the money management comes into play. It depends a lot on being disciplined with our saving habit. There are 6 ways manage your money. Setting your savings goal [...]

Retinal Detachment or retina tear in my right eye »

Today (this morning) I went to see eye specialist because of blur vision and seeing lots of floater in my right eye. Something is not right about this blurness. True to my feeling my eye specialist doctor confirmed that I had retina torn in my right eye or otherwise know as retinal detachment due to [...]

Rough Year A Head of 2008 »

Just came back from celebrating Chinese New Year. I feel that this year will be a rough year especially for me. My journey to millionaire success will be more challenging and have to face many up and down. I am not an astrologist but it is just my gut feeling of what is coming a head [...]

True Fact on My Recent Mobile Phone Post. »

Wow… My recent articles on the mobile phone subject has create quite a stir… I have read all the comment with interest and did my own checking this time. First of all I did not know that the article has been going around for a while… and after verify the fact with other website some of [...]