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7 Ways To Personal Debt Management »

Debts will always be there. We can not avoid it and it will never disappear for as long as it remains unpaid. There are good debt and bad debt as long as we know how to control it. Therefore, the path towards a debt-free life would be to manage our debts wisely. Below are seven [...]

Millionaire through wining lottery »

I read with interest from the news about a couple in Atlanta have won US$275mil mega million jackpot – the largest prize ever won by a single player in Georgia Lottery history. When asked what he plans to do as a brand new multimillionaire, the US lottery winner Robert Harris answered simply “Live happy.” Before [...]

Retinal Detachment Eye Surgery Done On My Right Eye »

Last week unfortunately I went for my right eye retinal detachment surgery. New retinal detachment was detected after initially thought that I can avoid surgery after laser treatment to weld the earlier retina tear. The surgery was done by Dr Angela Loo (Consultant Ophthalmologist – Retina Eye Specialist) at University Malaya Specialist Centre (UMSC) in [...]