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Can You Live With RM3,000 nett A Month? »

This is a question have been asked by almost every one who earn on the average on RM3,000 nett take home income. That is the average wage earner in Malaysia. Supposingly you are married with 2 kids or even 4 schooling kids which is again the average family size in Malaysia – can you make [...]

Are You On The Right Track to Financial Freedom »

To be financial success takes lots of courage and planning. We don’t have to be rich in order to be financial freedom. We don’t have to have lot cash in the bank to be financial freedom. In fact any body can attain financial freedom early depending on what kind of lifestyles you want in your [...]

Making Money Work For You »

LET’S face it. No investment decision will be right all the time. It is through wrong investment decisions that we important to discuss some of the reasons why investments fail.   Often, emotional response is the culprit behind bad investment decisions. One of the most common emotional responses is the herd mentality. It is easy [...]