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The Journey Get Tough »

It is good to be back for blogging. The 11 months periods was very tough for me. In fact the year 2008 was not even a good year as I look back. I am not complaining but the reality is that in the year 2008 a few major disaster did happened and it nearly take [...]

Petrol increase by 40% from June 5 onward »

I was in Subang when I received text messages that the petrol price in Malaysia will be increase from RM1.92 to RM2.70 and advise us to fill up the tank before midnite. I was thinking should I join the crowd to fill up my car. On my way home I saw heavy traffic near the petrol [...]

Rough Year A Head of 2008 »

Just came back from celebrating Chinese New Year. I feel that this year will be a rough year especially for me. My journey to millionaire success will be more challenging and have to face many up and down. I am not an astrologist but it is just my gut feeling of what is coming a head [...]

Transform Yourself »

Transform yourself and make changes as you journey to Millionaire Success. It is already the final quarter of the year. Time pass so fast and 2008 is coming. So what have you done this year on your journey to Millionaire Success? Are we more successfully this year compared to last year? Are we doing anything [...]