Category: Money Management

Are You On The Right Track to Financial Freedom »

To be financial success takes lots of courage and planning. We don’t have to be rich in order to be financial freedom. We don’t have to have lot cash in the bank to be financial freedom. In fact any body can attain financial freedom early depending on what kind of lifestyles you want in your [...]

7 Ways To Personal Debt Management »

Debts will always be there. We can not avoid it and it will never disappear for as long as it remains unpaid. There are good debt and bad debt as long as we know how to control it. Therefore, the path towards a debt-free life would be to manage our debts wisely. Below are seven [...]

6 Ways to Manage Your Savings and Money Management »

In my journey to millionaire success one of the key to achieve millionaire is to save money. However, it’s often easier said than done. This is where the money management comes into play. It depends a lot on being disciplined with our saving habit. There are 6 ways manage your money. Setting your savings goal [...]

Making Money Work For You »

LET’S face it. No investment decision will be right all the time. It is through wrong investment decisions that we important to discuss some of the reasons why investments fail.   Often, emotional response is the culprit behind bad investment decisions. One of the most common emotional responses is the herd mentality. It is easy [...]

Today is My Payday »

Today is my payday.  Every first payday of the month I will get my pay check bank in to my account. What is so important with payday compare to other day, you may ask? It is because I can see my dream to becoming a millionaire closer. Even though I am on my own but [...]