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The Journey Get Tough »

It is good to be back for blogging. The 11 months periods was very tough for me. In fact the year 2008 was not even a good year as I look back. I am not complaining but the reality is that in the year 2008 a few major disaster did happened and it nearly take [...]

Looking for opportunity to make money »

For the last few weeks I was looking for an alternative way to make money or have multiple income. I was doing ok as an entrepreneur running my own installation business for light and sound. I have been doing this for the past few years now and I can say that I enjoy it so much. [...]

Flat Like A Pancake »

“How is my eye, doctor?” I asked patiently. “Flat like a pancake” that was Dr Angela Loo (Consultant Ophthalmologist – Retina Eye Specialist) reply as she was examing my retina detachment problem using the eye instrument. “It looks all right and there is no further retinal detachment, good news” she said. I was quite happy to [...]

Journey to Millionaire Success »

Today I have finalized my blog theme. The theme of my blog is going to be Journey to Millionaire Success – Be a Millionaire, Have a Millionaire Mindset and Live Life to the Fullest. This blog is going to be my roadmap of my journey to be millionaire success.  You can get some idea for [...]

My Journey Begin Here… »

Today is my first blog. My journey to become a millionaire and be successful in life begin with this step. Yes I want to be a millionaire and to have a millionaire mind and to live my life to the fullest. No I am not a millionaire yet. To me becoming a millionaire is not [...]