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Flat Like A Pancake »

“How is my eye, doctor?” I asked patiently. “Flat like a pancake” that was Dr Angela Loo (Consultant Ophthalmologist – Retina Eye Specialist) reply as she was examing my retina detachment problem using the eye instrument. “It looks all right and there is no further retinal detachment, good news” she said. I was quite happy to [...]

Retinal Detachment Eye Surgery Done On My Right Eye »

Last week unfortunately I went for my right eye retinal detachment surgery. New retinal detachment was detected after initially thought that I can avoid surgery after laser treatment to weld the earlier retina tear. The surgery was done by Dr Angela Loo (Consultant Ophthalmologist – Retina Eye Specialist) at University Malaya Specialist Centre (UMSC) in [...]

Retinal Detachment or retina tear in my right eye »

Today (this morning) I went to see eye specialist because of blur vision and seeing lots of floater in my right eye. Something is not right about this blurness. True to my feeling my eye specialist doctor confirmed that I had retina torn in my right eye or otherwise know as retinal detachment due to [...]