Going for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) Alternative?

As price for petrol in Malaysia has increase to RM2.70 per liter and diesel has increased to RM2.58 per liter, should we switch to alternative energy for car – NGV gas?

As more and more motorist rushing to installed the NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle) tank  for the car so much so that the queue at Petonas Stations are getting longer. This is because only a few selected Petronas station are offering NGV gas to the NGV motorist. Last time I use to see lot of teksi queing to pump the gas but now the sight of the normal motorist have joined the taxi drivers to wait in line.

Is there any benefits in changing to Natural Gas Vehicles or NGV? My friend Sher Li has email me the benefit of changing to NGV as she has done some survey recently.

She says “I’ve been asked by some people about NGV (Natural Gas for Vehicle) recently, eventhough i’m not in this line. Coincidently, I’ve done some research on NGV earlier this year and i’ve listed here some important things to note in selecting your NGV installer.”

Benefits of NGV
1. Environmentally friendly
2. Lower maintenance cost
3. Save up to 75% on fuel costs
4. 25% reduction on road tax
5. Dual usage (petrol & gas)
6. 0% Interest Installment (EPP)
Sample calculation
Petrol monthly usage : RM300     (@ RM1.92/litre)
Petrol monthly usage : RM420     (@ RM2.70/litre)
NGV monthly usage : RM105     (@ RM0.68/litre gas)
Things to Note

1. JPJ approved Installer?
2. 3 years warranty?
3. Size of tank (60/70/77 litres) ?
4. Adjustment to absorber to support tank?
5. Automatic switch to petrol when gas depletes?
6. Training given on NGV usage & maintenance?
All of the above affects the total cost of installing NGV. As the demand for NGV has increased due to the recent hikes, many NGV installers are taking advantage of the public’s lack of knowledge in this field. If not careful, the public may get duped when quoted a cheaper price for installation. If not installed correctly, carrying a gas tank in your car is very dangerous.!!
After much comparison, I’ve found that it’s worth paying a little bit more for the system to be installed properly, having a 3 year warranty definitely provide some peace of mind. The total cost now is RM5,500-7,800 depending on car type & NGV kit. Any car can switch to NGV, except diesel cars. Even a kancil can install one!! I couldn’t believe it until i saw it!
It’s a long term investment, as petrol price is likely to go up again soon. It takes only 2 minutes to fill up the NGV tank, but the current drawback is that the queue for NGV at Petronas stations may take 10-15mins. There will be 500 Petronas with NGV pumps in 2009, so the wait is only temporary. Does NGV cars lack in power? Well, I see taxis overtaking cars, even when going up Genting Highlands! There will be a slight lack in power but the difference is not significant. If you could sacrifice some boot space to save a few hundred ringgit in fuel every month, why not?!
With NGV, RM11 can take you 200km!

To Your Millionaire Success
Michael Liew

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