Mike Filsaime Speaking at UYMG Malaysia

Today I just want to shared what I have learned from Mike Filsaime and I list down the summary for my use later.

The first time I saw him speaking was in World Internet Submit May 07 in Singapore.  His speech gave me a good impression on him. Mike Filsaime is an author, software developer, renowned speaker, personal coach and great internet marketer. He is best known for his marketing style in “Butterfly Marketing” where he leaves no stone unturned when it comes to marketing.

A short intro of Mike journey into Internet Marketing…
Prior to his success in internet marketing he was already successful working as sales manager in auto dealer Millennium in US for many years about 14 years.October 2002
The time when he really got hook in internet marketing was in year 2002 when he bought “The Whole Truth About Internet Marketing” wrtten by Stephen Pierce and that set his mind to succeed in internet marketing.March 2003
Was introduce to optin method – Prosender.com.  Becoming quite good in driving traffic to optin pages.

June 2003
First Product release – Carbon Copy Marketing. This changed Everything.
Purchased Mark Joyners – Farewell Package. First exposure to OTO (One Time Offer)

October 2003 – First Year  Point
Hire his first staff Ionut– software developer guy.

November 2003
Created his Product “The Best Deal Ever” and use it for his OTO.

December 2003
First Pre Butterfly Site. Use “The Best Deal Ever” for the OTO.

January 2004
Launch MikeFilsaime.com blog.

August 2004
He quite his Job At Millennium 8.05.2004
He has been 14 years in The Car Business
Become Fulltime Internet Marketer
At that time John Reese Launches Traffic Secrets Mid August
John Reese Releases 1 man Report 8.28.2004
Register Domain ButterflyMarketing.com 8.31.2004

October 2004 – 2 years Point
ListDotCom – Making $75,000 In One Day
First $100,000+ A Month
Opt In List Approaches 100K
Reach Super Affiliate Status

January 2005
Spoke at Stephen Pierce UYMG event. That was his goal after he read the “The Whole Truth About Internet Marketing”.

February 2005
Mike Expansion Business Firesales and he make $37,000 in 5 days.

March 2005
The start of the “Thank You” page
Purchase Instant Buzz

January 2006
Launch ButterflyMarketing.com and make $1 Million in Sales in 5 days.

July 2007
Launch The7FigureCode.com and sold over 2500 Units in 7 days.

What Have I Learned…

Nugget and Pearls

  • Focus on List Building and Relationship Building – It drives the Growth of the Business and give you Your True Asset
  • Maximize The Power Of Viral Marketing
  • Things Don’t Always Go As Planned
  • There is NO such thing as an Over Night Success
  • Keep Creating Content
  • Present Offers While Timing Is Right
  • Grow with The Right Staff
  • Find the Right Mentors
  • Tell Your Story, Share Your Results, Sell Your System

Internet Marketing is BUZZ – Delivery Mechanism, Maven, Connectors, WIIFM

Think Viral Marketing

  • Having a Proper Pre Launch is crucial
  • Set up the right Affiliate program
  • Use Press Releases, articles, Video, Forum Posts and Blogs to get and keep people talking

Delivery Mechanism

  • Forced – Part of The Sign Up Process – MySpace.com, LinkedIn.com, FaceBook.com
  • Uses WIIFM – What’s In It For Me
  • Hyper Viral – “Piggy Backing” – Self Advertising in the Use of the Product, or the use of the product requires other friends and family to use the service – Hotmail.com, Skype.com, Paypal.com
  • If the delivery marketing is easy and illogical it will slow and kill the growth of your marketing (Virus)

Know Your Metrics

  • You Can Dominate Your Market Place When You Know The Life VALUE of Each Customer
  • You Can Pay Affiliates A Commissionin HIGHER Than Price Of Product
  • You Can LOSE Money On Your Front End Product
  • You Can Lose Money on Front End Advertising

Tools to Leverage Viral Marketing

  • Free Report
  • Video
  • Viral PDF/Branded PDF
  • Resale Rights
  • Master Resale Rights
  • PLR Rights

Have you learned anything so far? I do. This strategy will come is once I have created my own product. In UYMG he was offering his own Platinum Package Program teaching How To Make Fulltime Income Online.

To Your Millionaire Success.
Michael Liew

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  1. Hey man, you are awesome! I can’t really recall what I have been doing even in the past few weeks! But you recorded your journal for years! Amazing!!

    Anyway, I wanted to share this report of Mike Filsaime – Interviewed by Vince Tan (a Malaysian Internet Marketing Guru) when Vince has just started in Internet Marketing. It’s free. So make sure to check it out.


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