Millionaire through wining lottery

I read with interest from the news about a couple in Atlanta have won US$275mil mega million jackpot – the largest prize ever won by a single player in Georgia Lottery history.

When asked what he plans to do as a brand new multimillionaire, the US lottery winner Robert Harris answered simply “Live happy.”

Lottery Winner

Before this he used to work overtime just to make ends meet for 20 years. He and his wife, Tonya lived in a trailer while dreaming of building a big house in the country where their two children and six grandchildren could visit.

Now his dream comes true.

But Tonya said the money doesn’t mean they will stop being the simple folks they’ve always been – to stay simple.

One of the lessons I learned from this couple is they live simple in this case in a trailer  and they make sure that they can go through each day of their life by working hard. In between their life they have a big dream that is one day they could build a big house of their own.

Their dream is a valid dream that is to build a proper house so that their children and grandchildren could visit them and stay with them.

Then they took action. They bought two US$1 lottery ticket and with a hope and luck that they could win something. If they did not win anything they is nothing to lose because they life still go on. They work hard and stay focus with their dream.

This is an inspiration in another way for me.

To Your Millionaire Success.
Michael Liew

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