National Achievers Congress 2008 Kuala Lumpur

Today is the first day of the National Achievers Congress 2008 held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC) Malaysia.  This is the first they move the seminar in KLCC venue as the previous year it was held in World Trade Center Malaysia.

The venue in KLCC is not bad actually with food court at the ground floor and KLCC shopping center within walking distance. Anyway I was there early as usual and not to miss the opening talk.

There at least 3000 participants and meet some regular friends there. The speaker for today is Steven Molnar, Roger Hamilton, Steve Linder and Blair Singer.

Steven Molnar – “Real-Estate Mastery”
Steven Molnar has taught and coached many students on real estate property investment. His method of success in property investment is getting people around you to help up – bankers, tenants and others.

Using money saving from our job we invest in property as wealth creation to increase income asset to generate cash flow. His is able to buy property with zero and small money as down payment using bank loan as leverage.

He is conducting a free Real Estate Mastery program on May 3 in Cititel Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Roger Hamilton  – “Your Life Your Legacy”
He is an entrepreneur and becoming a millionaire in late twenties and retiring at age 30. Now live in Bali and in his retirement he has committed himself to a vision of World Wide Wealth studying and teaching the concept of making money to give away.

His concept is Wealth = Value x Leverage.

The Key to success is : Legacy, Ownership, Value, Enterprise and Love.

Steve Linder – “7 Steps to Achieving Performance”
Steve Linder is a certified American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP) master Practitioner and Trainer.

In his speech today he talk about 7 Steps to Achieving Performance:
1. Authenticity & Trust
2. Mastering Meaning
3. Creation Your Vision
4. Finding Your Purpose
5. Mastering Strategies
6. Taking MASSSIVE Action
7. Serving Others

Blair Singer – “Indentifying Where You Are On The Five Power Levels Of Business, Income And Self And How To Get To The Top Fast!”

Blair Singer in NAC KL
He is my favorite speaker for today. Blair Singer is the author of two best selling books: SalesDogs – You Do Not Have to be an Attack Dog to be Successful in Sales and The ABC’s of How to Build A Business Team That Wins which are part of the Rich Dad Advisors series.

He talk about how to sells to be successful. The only way to be a millionaire is to be able to sells anything to make money.

He shared about the secret in company success:

Here he gives powerful tips to sells.  First find people with money and able to buy stuffs. Approach and present the sales. Lastly do the closing sales. Finally ask for the testimonial.

That is all for today and more to come tomorrow.

To Your Millionaire Success
Michael Liew

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