Retinal Detachment or retina tear in my right eye

Today (this morning) I went to see eye specialist because of blur vision and seeing lots of floater in my right eye. Something is not right about this blurness.

True to my feeling my eye specialist doctor confirmed that I had retina torn in my right eye or otherwise know as retinal detachment due to retina spot weakness.

On his advise I underwent eye laser treatment for 30 mins to reattach the tear and repair the weakness area. Hopefully it will hold it and not becoming worsein the next few days.  If it get worse then the eye surgery is the last option.

I have not heard or come across this term “retinal detachment”. According to my doctor  if the retinal is detached it cannot fuction properly as it has separated from its underlying tissue and unless it is reattached soon, permanent vision loss may result.

What can causes retinal detachment?
An injury to the eye or face can cause a detached retina. Anyone with extreme nearsightedness can have retina detachment.

The most common type when there is a break in the sensory layer of the retina and fluid seeps underneath, causing the layers of the retina to separate. Exteme nearsightedness people have longer eyeball than average from front to back causing the retina to be thinner and more fragile.

Retinal Detachment symptoms
If you suddenly notice spots, floaters, flashes of light and sudden decrease of vision, you may be experincing the warning signs of retinal detachment. Your vision might become blurry. Another sign is seeing a shadow or a curtain down from the top of the eye or across from the side. These signs can occur gradually as the retinal pulls away from the supportive tissue or they may occur suddenly if the retinal detaches immediately.

If you are nearsighted and in the late 30 it is advisable to go for eye checkout by the eye specialist. Early detection is much better.

Don’t let the problem hinder your journey to millionaire success.

Michael Liew

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