What Have I learned From UYMG Malaysia

Finally today I can sit down quietly in my office looking into all the notes I have taken during the UYMG event recently. The UYMG Malaysia was held in KLCC Kuala Lumpur on Sep 28th to Oct 1st.  It was a 4 days event.  I also manage to spend some time looking into other bloggers comments and learn their experiences. There were some good comments and some controversial comments.

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I must admit that before going to UYMG I was also preparing myself for the event. I mean what can you learn from the 4 days event? A Lot!  Like what Roy say have “empty cup mindset”.  That is why I took some time getting my laptop ready – create folder and notepad for day I, day 2 and so on… and backup the hard disk just incase my laptop goes missing during the event. I heard some bad news from other blogger during their experience in UYMG Singapore. At least it would not hurt so much if that were to happen and not that I wanted it to happen in the first place.. Download the prework sheet and make sure all homework was done as instructed by Laura the event manager. Pretty excited myself. Had early lunch and went to KLCC getting ready to learn from Stephen Pierce.

I must say something here that some how at the end of the first day event I was a bit disappointed as my expectation was different from actual happening. It was not that the event was bad.  I meant the turn out was good, the speakers were enthusiasm, Stephen Pierce was awesome and the Alpha team were great. The only matter on my mind was I did not know at that time that there will be many other different guest speakers to speak in the event. I thought it will be all Stephen Pierce events with him and his team speaking, teaching and showing us all about internet marketing. That was what I paid for. 

In fact during the break I have a few conversations with other fellow participants and ask them how they feel.  Some of them who spoke share the same feeling. But some just kept quite. Some even complaint about internet connection were slow, some came all the way from other country for this event and feel that they get nothing. Most of them are newbie or first time to UYMG just like me.  To me internet was down is understandable as there were 600 participants and each with the laptop.

On the way back home after the first day, I said to myself that these feeling of disappointment or didn’t meet my expectation or there are other guest speakers speaking in these event must stop.  Even though I just wanted to see most of Stephen Pierce talking but I must change my mind set in order to learn the most. At home I told my wife how I felt and I told her I will not feel the same tomorrow. After a quick shower I sat down and wrote down what I wanted to get from UYMG event for the next 3 days.  I change my state of mind to a different mind set ready for the second day.

I put on my millionaire mind set so to say that is to learn and willing to learn what ever that was presented, do networking with fellow participants,  to meet as many new friends as possible and if possible sit at different seat during the event to meet as many new friends.  Finally open my mind and heart to learn from the great speakers.  My success is just one step away.

What a way of learning and I was glad I did that.  I learn something new from each speaker each day and in particularly some of the speakers that I learned so much from them and I have to respect them.  I meet new great friends too. 

Stephen is right for bringing all different speakers specializing in different field to share with us. It depend how you want to take the information that was presented to you and how you apply in your life. No one is forcing us to follow them or even take their packages. Even though I may not agree with some of the packages because of over pricing but I have a choice of my own. 

After all I must say that Stephen Pierce is a great marketer (honestly… and I must learn from this guru) and I respected him a lot.  He over delivered and give us so much even in the  SMCC coaching program that I signed up during the NAC May this year. 

I will definitely be going to the next UYMG anywhere around this region. Some of the participant from Hong Kong, Australia said every UYMG event is different.

I am glad to make this shift.

Michael Liew

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