I Learned My Lesson

Today we have seen many calamity happen recently like earthquake, storm, major flood and I was thinking is there future for us all. We work hard to get what we want today but is there a guarantee that we will enjoy the same tomorrow. Usually once we achieve our financial status today it is obvious that the next step is to protect our assets and we work harder. We will spend quite a bit of time to work and work to maintain our lifestyle now.

I am not saying this is wrong but all I wanted to say is that we should spend time today to enjoy what we have for tomorrow may not come through to us. How long will you be able to work? If you want to work part time, have a family, or take a career break, for example, you’ll have to adjust your long-term income projections accordingly, which may affect tomorrow goals. Winding up with more money than you planned on is never a bad thing!

Goals, expenses, expenditures is part of our daily things and it is big things toward our life. If you’re the kind of person who can say that they want to buy a house in five years, good for you: that’ll be easy to put into your plan, and it should be comparatively easy to work out if — or how — it’s achievable within the context of your current income and expenses. If you’re the kind of person who did not plan to buy a house or saving for the future then you will take your own sweet time in life now.

I had houses but I lost it because of making some wrong business decision and it take away what ever I have. Suddenly I feel that the universe is fair for it will take away after it have given you. After spending nearly 10 years working and now I have work all over again to start saving.

Now a days I keep my life simple. Work for today and have enough to pay off my debt for today. Start enjoying today life and be happy for what ever you have. That’s financial freedom.

That is my goal now. I have learned my lesson.

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