The Journey Get Tough

It is good to be back for blogging.

The 11 months periods was very tough for me. In fact the year 2008 was not even a good year as I look back. I am not complaining but the reality is that in the year 2008 a few major disaster did happened and it nearly take away my confidence.

It was not until I attended the NAC 2009 that I realise that I can get back on my feet to achieve my financial freedom. Having just come back from listening to some great speaker really brighten up my faith and believe that I think it is time to wake up and repair the damages. Also meeting up some old friend at the event was really helpful.

Year 2008 was a year where worldwide ecomony slow down and some of the business deal that I have committed have nearly  wipe up half of my wealth and the company profit. Some of the deals turn sour or did not meterialise due to economy crissis. So much so that I have to dispose some of my property just to paid the debt and cut loses other non profitable project. It was painful but like I have always do life must go on.

The retinal problem in my right eye did not help either. I have lost some vision and it was difficult to be corrected by optical lenses. Nevertheless I still my left eye to help me see.

My personal credit debt have pile up again and the again who does not have credit card problem. But this time it is geeting out of control. Infact luckily the borrowing managed to help to keep the my business going.

I am planning to come back again and reapir the damages and pay off the debt and more than survive the blow. In the next 3 months I am planning to come out with recovery plan and take some bold steps this time. May god help me this time.

Michael Liew

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