Making Money Work For You

LET’S face it. No investment decision will be right all the time. It is through wrong investment decisions that we important to discuss some of the reasons why investments fail.   Often, emotional response is the culprit behind bad investment decisions. One of the most common emotional responses is the herd mentality. It is easy… Continue reading Making Money Work For You

Transform Yourself

Transform yourself and make changes as you journey to Millionaire Success. It is already the final quarter of the year. Time pass so fast and 2008 is coming. So what have you done this year on your journey to Millionaire Success? Are we more successfully this year compared to last year? Are we doing anything… Continue reading Transform Yourself

Today is My Payday

Today is my payday.  Every first payday of the month I will get my pay check bank in to my account. What is so important with payday compare to other day, you may ask? It is because I can see my dream to becoming a millionaire closer. Even though I am on my own but… Continue reading Today is My Payday

EPF scheme allow more withdrawal for investment

All EPF (Employees Provident Fund) contributors will, from Feb 1, be able to withdraw part of their funds and channel them to approved investment programmes.  Under the new scheme, contributors, irrespective of age, will be able to withdraw from Account One what is in excess of a “required amount” of savings as determined by the… Continue reading EPF scheme allow more withdrawal for investment