Transform Yourself

Transform yourself and make changes as you journey to Millionaire Success.

It is already the final quarter of the year. Time pass so fast and 2008 is coming. So what have you done this year on your journey to Millionaire Success?

Are we more successfully this year compared to last year? Are we doing anything different comparing to last year?

This is very important check as we journey to millionaire success. Each step is a transformation that requires that we do things different but that we become fundamentally changed and we transform our self. Of course during the self discovery we feel stressed, uncertain and confused. That is part of our feeling as we are in the journey.

To prepare our self to another challenging year ahead, a greater height in our career, self confident and millionaire mindset we must do these important steps.

Have a goal plan

More than anything, to cross the uncertainty of transition you must have a destination in mind. What is your goal in one year? What is your goal in 5 years?

That is why it is important to have a goal plan. Take a course on subject matter to your goals. If you choose internet marketing as a vehicle to achieve millionaire success then pick an course and select a mentor that suit you. They will guide you as you continue your journey. The course plan will tell yah you are in the right way just keep going. Your mentor will ensure that this is the right step.

Take Risk

In life we take risk all the time. Sometime we know it but some time we don’t realize as it is automatic in you. Your subconscious mind will guide you.

We must learn to take risk all the time. Make a decision fast after you have consider the option and just follow the risk. If the decision is wrong it is ok as we learn from mistake in life.

I have taken many risks. As long as the risk is not going to make me financially bankrupt or not physically handicap I will do it.

Accumulated Money or wealth

If you like me where I love to accumulate money in the bank as it give me encouragement to go on. It gives the feeling of secure mind. How about you?

Have you accumulate money in your bank account, or invest in stock or invest in property? It is no point when at the end of the year we are still broke or our finances are still the same as last year. You will feel very discourage.

Be committed

If you have promise to yourself or make goal then be committed. It will make a big different in yourself if you are committed to do it no matter what. This required you to stand by your choices or decision to yourself and later to those surrounding you.

You build capacity for commitment by learning two things: how to say “no” and by learning to take responsibility for everything you do. Learn how to decide fast. Do not take on many alternatives until you are committed to the core of you being.

Be happy

Lastly be happy every day. Live life to the fullest every day and every week. It does not matter who you are but just be yourself. You are who you are. Be happy.

The moment you woke up in the morning just enjoy life as it come and be happy while you are going through the journey to your millionaire success.

So begin today to transform yourself to a millionaire success.

Michael Liew

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