My Journey Begin Here…

Today is my first blog.

My journey to become a millionaire and be successful in life begin with this step. Yes I want to be a millionaire and to have a millionaire mind and to live my life to the fullest. No I am not a millionaire yet.

To me becoming a millionaire is not having a million dollar cash in bank account or having lots and lots of properties. My millionaire goals is first to have a personal net worth (taking all fully paid assets combined) to be in excess of one million($) – I think that’s where the millionaire term come from. My second millionaire goal is to live my life to the fullest.

I believe everyone can become the millionaire success and that include me. And I have a pretty good view on how to achieve it. In fact I am starting to think like a millionaire mind already. Even though I am not sure what a real millionaire mind is thinking but I am pretty sure it is exciting. That is why I am choosing internet marketing as one of my millionaire tools to achieve it.

This inspiration and high energy thought begin after attending my first UYMG Malaysia that was held in KLCC from Sep 28 to Oct 1 2007. This was a 4 days event that has attracted 600 participants from experience internet marketers and newbie like me. UYMG stand for Unleash Your Marketing Genius and this is an internet marketing seminar by the millionaire internet marketer Stephen Pierce.

Here are some pictures taken during the UYMG Malaysia. It will remind me that my journey begin here.

uymg entrance
UYMG – The prefunction area. – Everybody were waiting to go in.

Stephen Pierce in action
Stephen Pierce at his opening speech.

The inside view
Can’t imagine the seminar come with laser and moving light show as back ground.

With Stephen Pierce
With the big guy, Stephen Pierce. This one will definately go to my collection album.

One for the album 
Meet new friends. Me, Michael Cheah & Steven Goh.

With my laptop
This was the last day when the picture was taken. Looks like I am already feeling information overloaded.

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