National Achievers Congress 2008 April 26th – 27th KLCC

National Achievers Congress 08

This year National Achievers Congress (NAC) will be held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center Malaysia (KLCC) on April 26th – 27th 2008. Every year for the past 5 years I will never fail to attend these wonderful seminar events.

It was through one of these National Achievers Congress Seminar that has changed my life to be better, successful and entrepreneurship. That was year 2004. During that year and at the NAC seminar I was transpired by the these powerful speaker talk and that has motivated me to begin my journey to my success. That year 2004 I have attended some of the speaker bigger events after the NAC. I was not the same after that.

That is why I will always make it a point to pay and attend any these seminar to learn and be learn again. It’s like a refreshing course and get the fire up again.

This year I understand the speakers will be :

Joe Girard
T. Harv Ekar
Blair Singer
Steve Linder
Roger Hamilton
Adam Ginsberg
Dr Clemen Chiang
Steven Molnar

I will be there and learn new thing, meeting friends and get motivated. Hope to meet you there. I will update you for any interesting events  happening.

To your millionaire success.
Michael Liew 

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