Rough Year A Head of 2008

Just came back from celebrating Chinese New Year.

I feel that this year will be a rough year especially for me. My journey to millionaire success will be more challenging and have to face many up and down. I am not an astrologist but it is just my gut feeling of what is coming a head in term of business or earning capacity.

Looking at the past few month like the stock market has climb to make new high at all time is an indication that anytime it will go for correction.

A few discussion with a few of my business friend review that their business and turn over is not as good as it should be. Consumer spending has drop and more and more big company has resort to outsourcing their operation to outsider indicating they are cutting cost to brace for tough year a head.

This should not be alarming but just a precaution to save more money and cut unnecessary expenses. If we have this thought in mind it will guide us more wisely.

To Your Millionaire Success.
Michael Liew 

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